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Buying or selling a home requires information, insight and guidance to confidently make decisions about your lifestyle and investment.

We believe in providing our clients with comprehensive data and the market savvy required to make informed choices.  We interpret the numbers and break down economic conditions so that you will have a complete picture of the real estate landscape.

In order to work with you, as residential real estate agents we require a Written Service Agreement (WSA) to create a client relationship. Written service agreements help ensure consumers understand our roles as industry professionals.

Written service agreements identify:

  • the relationship between the parties;

  • the services to be provided by CIR Realty;

  • the obligations and responsibilities of the parties;

  • consent for collection, use and distribution of personal information of the client;

  • method of calculation of remuneration or how we will be compensated.

Samples of these forms can be found on the Real Estate Council of Alberta’s website here

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